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4 Job Characteristics You Can Improve To Increase Your Employee Motivation And Their Results

Grow their engagement and retain them in your company.

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What You'll Learn

As a business owner, you understand the importance of motivated employees. Imagine having a highly engaged and productive team that drives results and creates a positive work environment. It’s possible with this workshop!

This workshop will teach you how to improve four characteristics of your employees’ jobs. When the jobs requirements are matching your employees’ competencies and interests, when they have the right amount of freedom and control, and when they have variety and growth opportunities, they’ll feel more fulfilled and in the right place.


When you design jobs that suit your employees’ needs and passions and also align with your business goals, you and your team will experience many advantages such as: 

Higher job satisfaction and engagement

Higher performance and quality

More initiative and responsibility

Better teamwork and collaboration

Higher loyalty and retention

What does the workshop contain?

A worksheet that guides you through the process of analysing and improving your employees’ job characteristics, taking into account their individual strengths and preferences, as well as your organizational goals.

Recorded video sessions that show you how to use the worksheet effectively and practical tips and strategies to boost motivation in the workplace.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your workplace and unlock your employees’ full potential. Join now, for 271 Euro,  and start seeing the benefits of motivated employees in your company. I’ll see you inside!

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