Team Development Program

Save time and energy by clarifying team members’ roles, give a sense of belongingness establishing team identity and create a space in which they can freely express themselves, so they can truly contribute to the team’s goals.

Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.
                                  Steve Jobs

When To Choose The Team Development Program

create a proper environment for team members

  • The team members’ roles are not clear. This situation generates stress, dissatisfaction, reduced organizational commitment, intention to leave, and loss of time and energy spent in the wrong direction.
  • The team has members with dysfunctional behaviours which affect the work environment, team members’ engagement and their performance.
  • The team frequently takes poor decisions. Its members don’t express their objections or ideas and don’t contribute with all their knowledge and competencies.

Program Steps

  1. Eliminating the differences between team members’ expectations about their designated roles.
    ο Workshops with the teams, applied written questionnaires discussed during the workshops.
  2. Calibrating the informal roles in the working group and correcting the dysfunctional roles.
    ο Interviews and training/coaching with team leaders, workshops with the teams.
  3. Improving the rules/processes within the working group.
    ο Workshops with the teams
  4. Diminishing the negative effects of the group on its members (e.g.: group thinking, bullying)
    ο Workshops & training with the teams

Program Benefits

Clear responsibilities and tasks

The efforts of the group members are in the right direction and time is usefully used

Increased job satisfaction due to reduced sources of stress and conflict

Improved performance due to functional relations between team members and clear objectives

A more pleasant work climate due to corrected dysfunctional roles

Reduced staff turnover caused by conflicts and poor relations

Introduce new habits/behaviors and remove unsatisfactory habits behaviors

Creating a work environment aligned with team members’ expectations and the company’s objectives

Adopt high-quality decisions, by creating an environment conducive to a critical examination of possible solutions

Increased self-esteem of team members by creating an environment in which they can express their own opinions and ideas, without suffering negative consequences (eg: labelling, stigmatization, marginalization, criticism etc.)

Encourage innovative and creative solutions

Work Methods & Tools

  • Workshops & Training with the teams within the company
  • Questionnaires and practical exercises applied during the workshops & training.
  • Examine and solve real case/situations from the company.
  • The program can be online or face-to-face

Program Duration

  • Depends on the number of employees. It can extend to one month.