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Workplace Equity Challenges And Solutions

Workplace Equity: Challenges And Solutions

Equity it is one of the primary factors correlated with job satisfaction and employee motivation.

Equity in the workplace refers to the fair and just distribution of opportunities, resources, rewards, and responsibilities among all employees, regardless of their background, characteristics, or identities.

Challenging Workplace Stereotypes

From Bias to Balance: Challenging Workplace Stereotypes

When we make incorrect assumptions about others, we can hire or promote the wrong person, distribute responsibilities in a way that is inequitable or inefficient, or make unfair decisions that lead to employee frustrations and lower motivation, among other things. Also, if we allow team members to judge each other or act based on false beliefs, their relationships will suffer and the work environment will not be safe and supportive. Of course, this will affect their motivation and work results.

Thumbnail Teamwork versus individual work

Teamwork Versus Individual Work

Probably you thought about this topic, teamwork versus individual work, many times when you had to decide how to organize your employees work. Have you experienced both types of work? Which one do you prefer?

The choices that you make in this regard impact how fast a task or an activity is done, the quality of the work that is performed, the relations between employees, their engagement and their motivation.

How To Maintain Company Norms

Why are the company norms important?

The norms that a company have impact its capacity to reach its goals and to operate efficiently.

Company norms are shared expectations of its members about their behavior. Through norms, the members of a company know what is expected from them and how their behaviors are evaluated in the company.

How To Resolve Employee Conflicts

As a leader of your team, you’ll be in situations to resolve conflicts between your team members.

Conflicts are inevitable and are not always bad. They can be the source of changes, can lead to innovative solutions and can prevent group thinking. These bring to the surface differences of opinions, differences in how people think, differences in values, competitions, or conflictual interests etc.