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Is Your Hiring Process Getting the Attention It Deserves

Is Your Hiring Process Getting the Attention It Deserves?

The hiring process is a series of steps designed to recruit and select candidates for a specific job position.

All steps are important, and the success of hiring depends on how well this process is designed and conducted.

It’s like an instrument itself. If, for example, you have a low-quality phone, the overall experience with that phone will not be satisfying. You can’t expect to hire great people for your company if the instrument you use doesn’t have the necessary components to achieve that.

Why Asking For Employee Feedback Is The Best Way To Improve Employee Motivation

Why Asking For Employee Feedback Is The Best Way To Improve Employee Motivation

When you ask for feedback from an employee with the purpose of finding out that person’s motivational drivers, you’ll identify only that particular person’s motivational drivers. And this is all you need to improve or maintain that specific person’s level of motivation over time. Statistics results can’t do that. 

Not all employees are motivated by the same things.

Crafting Motivational Employee Goals blog post

Crafting Motivational Employee Goals

Goals serve as a roadmap for employees, providing direction and purpose in their role. When employees have clear goals, they are more likely to be engaged, focused, and committed to achieving results. Furthermore, goals create a sense of accountability, encouraging employees to take ownership of their work and performance.

Thumbnail Teamwork versus individual work

Teamwork Versus Individual Work

Probably you thought about this topic, teamwork versus individual work, many times when you had to decide how to organize your employees work. Have you experienced both types of work? Which one do you prefer?

The choices that you make in this regard impact how fast a task or an activity is done, the quality of the work that is performed, the relations between employees, their engagement and their motivation.

How To Maintain Company Norms

Why are the company norms important?

The norms that a company have impact its capacity to reach its goals and to operate efficiently.

Company norms are shared expectations of its members about their behavior. Through norms, the members of a company know what is expected from them and how their behaviors are evaluated in the company.