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Do you need support to improve your employee motivation?

I offer one free 40-minutes consulting session to help employers create better connections with their employees. Schedule your online free consulting session below and you’ll get more clarity on the steps you can take to increase your employees’ engagement and their results.

During the free 40-minute consulting session, we'll work together to:

Have a better understanding of your present situation.

Get clarity about how you want to transform the present situation.

Choose the right ways and tools to make the transformations that you want in your company.

You’ll leave the session with a clearer image of the present situation and actionable steps you can take to transform it. Schedule your free online consulting session below to get started!

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After this session, we can keep the momentum going with some awesome 1:1 online consulting sessions. We’ll work out a schedule that fits with your needs, so we can continue our journey together.

 Can’t wait to see where our collaboration takes us!

About Me

The online programs and services that I offer are a result of my passion for the human resources domain.

I have had this passion since college, when I took a Human Resources Management course at the Faculty of Sociology. After that, I decided to do my bachelor’s project in this field in 2004 and to pursue a career in human resources.

As a former employee, mostly in medium and large tech organizations, I had responsibilities such as:

  •  Creating and leading internal trainings and workshops to develop skills like: team communication, team building and team development;
  • Managing hiring projects, from recruiting and selecting the candidates, to making job offers and conducting the hiring process;
  • Developing, managing, and participating in onboarding processes;
  • Personnel administration, including employees’ documents, payroll, work time and holidays;
  • Managing and participating in employee evaluation programs;
  • Managing internal communication with employees.

As a continuous learner, I have pursued various courses and programs in human resources management, entrepreneurship, training, life coaching, and personal development courses. All of this has equipped me with a wealth of knowledge and skills.

I launched my own HR company in 2021, and my goal is to share everything I’ve learned along my journey with you. I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs build reliable and high-performing teams that drive business success. With my expertise and your vision, together we can create a thriving workplace culture where your employees feel valued, engaged, and motivated to give their best every day.


If you are ready to take action and work on your team’s motivation and development, I’d love to help you! Get in touch, and let’s take the first step towards creating a fantastic team!

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