Employee Motivation Program

 Grow your employee motivation based on their personal expectations and needs. They have to know they are in a win-win situation and are treated fairly, to fully engage in their jobs and help the company to reach its goals.

Employees who believe that management is concerned about them as a whole person – not just an employee – are more productive, more satisfied, more fulfilled. Satisfied employees mean satisfied customers, which lead to profitability.
Anne Mulcahy

When To Choose The Employee Motivation Program

  • The team members have a low level of involvement in their activities. They don’t contribute to the extent they are capable.
  • When their performance is low. Even if they have the necessary skills to perform the tasks, they have poor results.
  • Also, when they aren’t willing to go the extra mile, and aren’t willing to help each other.
  • Then, when they aren’t satisfied with the activities they are carrying out. When they have negative attitudes toward their jobs and the company.
  • Another situation – when the working environment is tense, because of the employees’ frustrations and dissatisfactions.
  • When the company has an increased staff turnover rate. The lack of opportunities for the employees to meet their personal needs and goals can determine some of them, especially the competent ones, to leave.

Program Steps

  1. We’ll establish the current level of employee motivation, finding out their expectations and needs.
  2. Based on the gathered information, we’ll create individual and general methods to increase their motivation.
  3. Then, we’ll agree on the methods which will be adopted to increase employees’ motivation.
  4.  Next, we’ll make an implementation plan and you’ll receive support during the implementation period.
  5.  Finally, we’ll evaluate the results and we’ll make adjustments where needed.

Program Benefits

Employee performance.
Motivated employees, who have the necessary skills for their positions, achieve high job performance.

Employee engagement.
The employees use their skills and channel their efforts to meet the objectives of the company.

Job satisfaction.
Motivation produces job satisfaction, which generates positive attitudes toward the job and the company.

Willingness to go extra-mile.
Employees are willing to make an extra effort when needed, to cooperate to get the job done.

Work environment.
Reducing tensions and frustrating factors helps the company to create a pleasant work environment, with the necessary conditions for the employees to focus on their jobs.

Employee retention.
They are loyal to the company because they can meet their personal needs (e.g.: the need for security, financial stability, growth and development, recognition).

Employer branding.
The employees speak well of their employer, and they have a positive impact on customers.

Work Methods & Tools

  • Individual interviews with the employees
  • Training & Coaching
  • The program can be online or face-to-face

Program Duration

  • Depending on the number of employees. It can extend to three months.

If You Want To Create And Implement ON YOUR OWN Personalized Plans To Motivate Your Employees, You Can

If you have a small number of employees and you want to implement on your own an employee motivation program, you can enroll in the online program: How To Motivate Your Employees So They Care For Your Business And Help You Grow It