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How To Hire Candidates Motivated By Your Job Offers

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Improve Employee Motivation and Performance, Grow their Retention, and Achieve Greater Business Results

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How To Motivate Your Employees So They Care For Your Business And Help You Grow It

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Are you an entrepreneur with a team and want to improve your employees’ motivation and performance? 

This program is designed to equip entrepreneurs like you with the knowledge, tools and strategies to effectively motivate your team and achieve your business goals.  

Gain time, money and energy solving situations such as:

  • Unsatisfactory performances
  • Not enough commitment or detachment from work results 
  • Or situations in which employees are leaving the company, causing workflow disruptions and additional costs to replace them
  • Situations in which you have to manage the negative attitudes of unmotivated employees that impact the work environment

Find out how you can increase their intrinsic motivation, so they feel more fulfilled with their jobs, engage more and have better results.  

4 Job Characteristics You Can Improve To Increase Your Employee Motivation And Their Results

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to work on four characteristics of your employees’ jobs to improve their motivation. When the jobs requirements  match the employees’ competencies, skills and interests, when they have the autonomy they can manage, and when they have enough diversity and growth opportunities, they’ll feel more fulfilled and in the right place.

Having motivated employees brings you many BENEFITS such as high performance, high engagement, responsible employees, a safe and performing work environment, and high employee retention.
Do you want these in your company?


Online or In Person

Employee Motivation Program

Grow employees’ motivation based on their personal expectations and needs. They have to know they are in a win-win situation and are treated fairly, to fully engage in their jobs and help the company to reach its goals.

Team Leadership Program

To build a great team practice leadership styles appropriate to employees’ needs and to the different context in which they work. They’ll grow faster, they’ll have better results and they’ll be more satisfied with their jobs. 

Team Development Program

Save time and energy by clarifying team members’ roles, giving them a sense of belongingness, establishing team identity and creating a space in which they can freely express themselves, so they can truly contribute to the team’s goals.

Conflict Management Program

Develop team members’ skills to manage conflicts and improve communication between them. This will lead to a safe and engaging work environment, better work relationships and better results.

About Improve Work

Improve Work is a human resources company that provides online programs and consultancy for entrepreneurs with teams, team leaders and HR people.

If you are one of them, ENROL in the online programs that are available for you now. Get the ”know-how” to improve your employee motivation and take personalized and general actions in this regard.

Also, you can opt for one of the online programs: employee motivation, team leadership, team development, or conflict management program. These will be done for you through direct involvement in your company’s challenges, and direct communication with you and your team members (online or in person).

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This discovery call is all about building meaningful connections. The aim is to get to know each other’s businesses and explore how we can collaborate for mutual success. Whether you have questions about Improve Work, you’re seeking partnerships, shared opportunities, or simply want to expand your network, our discovery call is the first step towards forging valuable connections in the business world. Let’s explore possibilities together.

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Entrepreneurs with Teams, Team Leaders, and HR people

How It Works

Step 1: Schedule a free consulting session and get actionable steps to solve the challenge you want to discuss during the session.
Step 2: If you decide to go further, we’ll plan regular 1:1 consulting sessions

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Hiring candidates who are motivated by your job offers is the FIRST STEP to building a motivated team. 

Watch this training and upgrade your hiring process. No registration is needed. 

Short Training

Guidelines and questions you can use to approach a salary raise request.

How you handle a salary request can add value to your employee motivation, employee retention, and to their performance.

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